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November 25, 2015
Giving Tuesday was established four years ago as an annual worldwide celebration of generosity. How fitting it is to kick off the season of giving by giving back to our community, our nation and our world! For 125 years, philanthropy has been a distinguishing hallmark of our National Society. So we applaud all the good that will come from this week's 4th Annual Giving Tuesday. As we embrace those causes near and dear to our hearts, I have an urgent request of all Daughters. Constitution Hall is in need of immediate repair. Will you join me today to help us restore this treasured part of our Headquarters complex? In 1929, the Daughters of the American Revolution dedicated this building as a...Read More
November 25, 2015
On October 31, 2015, the patrons attending the DAR Library’s James C. Thompson Lecture were given a real treat as Mr. Thompson brought us all back in time to Colonial Virginia. More specifically he brought us the story of William “Billy” Lee by going back through complex family genealogies, and then transitioning into portrayals of Billy Lee by different artists over time. It was a fascinating story about one of America’s most famous and most mysterious African American men. If you missed this lecture, we also had the pleasure of welcoming C-SPAN3 in to tape the lecture. Keep an eye out for more information about when the lecture will air. Tune in to see a great explanation of who Billy Lee...Read More
November 24, 2015
On Tuesday we arrived in Saint John at 11:00 am for a full day to explore the area. Saint John is Canada's oldest settlement and New Brunswick remains remarkably unspoiled.  Saint John's history dates to 1604, when the Sieur de Champlain landed nearby on the feast day of Saint John the Baptist. After the defeat of the British, many of the Loyalists left the colonies and settled in Saint John in 1783 including Benedict Arnold, the American revolutionary traitor, who lived there 1787- 1791. His impressive home still stands, although his reputation as a turncoat overshadowed any of his accomplishments even to the Loyalists… The cruise passengers all planned activities which interested them on...Read More

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