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February 8, 2016
The National Society recently dedicated “The Daughters Tribute” as an enduring legacy of its 125th Anniversary celebration.  The granite monument honors the sacrifice and dedication of the nearly 1 million women who have sustained our Society and its enduring mission of service since 1890. An electronic database accessed via the National Society’s Digital Donor Wall comprises the digital component of the Daughters Tribute.  These Tributes are done electronically from the comfort of your own home. On February 25 there will be a Leadership Training Webinar about the Daughters Tribute; I encourage you to...Read More
February 5, 2016
On November 4, I returned to Beaumont, Texas, the town where I’d lived for most of Elementary and Junior High School, for a trip down memory lane. The Colonel George Moffett Chapter, Kate Spencer Jabbia, Regent, had planned a very special day for me, which began with a good visit with Dr. Jan Garrison, District V Director, on our way to Beaumont, located 90 miles east of Houston on the Neches River near the Louisiana border.  My father was a home builder and we moved there from Houston when I was in second grade to take advantage of the demand for new houses when the many oil refineries were being built in the Golden Triangle area.  My brother, sister and I enjoyed riding our bikes to...Read More
February 2, 2016
The DAR Project Patriot Committee is the official Daughters of the American Revolution committee that supports America’s servicemembers and their families. At the national level, DAR support is focused on two groups: women serving in the military and wounded military personnel. In addition, we provide support to deploying and returning servicemembers and their families. Individual members and chapters are encouraged to support the men and women serving in uniform in any way appropriate. Activities could range from sending care packages to relatives of chapter members or supporting...Read More

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